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BadMind Zine


BadMind is a community collection of eclectic art, illustrations, photography, interviews, musings, and writings that speak to the mental health, wellbeing, justice and joy of Black people in Britain.

Image by Richard Horvath

BadMind was created over lockdown to ensure that Black artists had a paid space for self expression and exploration.

During a time of heightened collective trauma and erasure for Black people in Britain, BadMind has been lovingly created to provide our community with abundant reflection of themselves and deeper insights into our current collective story.

It’s an honour to share our first publication with you and we look forward to bringing you more!

BadMind (Edition #1) was curated and edited by Rachel Nwokoro.

With contributions from:

Amahra Spence
Caroline Teague
Heather Agyepong
Honey Williams
Keisha Rowe
Koko Brown
Maia Walcott
Michael Workeye
Myah Jeffers
Olivia Twist
Rachel Nwokoro
Rohan Ayinde
Tasha Bailey

With support from Arts Council England

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