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What is Black Mind?

Black Mind is a grassroots art-as-activism organisation that centres on the collective mental health, wellbeing, justice and joy of all Black people in Britain. We use the healing arts to create positive change.

Born from the lived experience of our Founder and Creative Director: Amarachi Rachel. For the first two years, Black Mind was produced in collaboration with Koko Brown. Black Mind creates opportunities for our community by showcasing Black artists within our annual zine BadMind (#BadMindZine), delivering our interactive creative programme of Wellbeing Workshops & Open Spaces, organising collaborative exchanges (Giving Time) and producing culturally & trauma-informed live events that embrace the abundant difference within Black communities in Britain.

Black Mind aims to facilitate sustainable change with accessibility at its core. Our purpose is to build a legacy of care, governance and support that centres Blind, Deaf, Disabled, Neurodivergent, Queer, Low-Income, Sick, Mad and othered Black siblings.

We know that creative engagement and free expression is essential to the collective mental health, wellbeing, justice, and joy of Black people in Britain. We make it happen by intentionally cultivating loving, welcoming and open environments for our community.

We are ready to build life-affirming infrastructure in caring and conscious collaboration with aligned peace activists and healing arts practitioners. We do this by prioritising radical honesty, acceptance, transparency and play.

The Black Mind organisational model is an art-as-activism tree comprising the following six interlinked branches:

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Wellbeing Workshops, led by Black artists & facilitators, in a range of artforms, styles & skills. 

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Wellbeing Workshops  

Welcoming spaces centering Black communities in Britain, that allow us to gather and engage with radical thoughts & discussions.​


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Open Spaces

A wellbeing campaign that reshapes social currency into time, skill & love-based transactions.

Giving Time

A print zine & online space that creatively supports, connects, informs & platforms Black people in Britain about mental health, wellbeing, justice & joy. 

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An experimental & provocative play, written by Amarachi Rachel Nwokoro, that interrogates the systemic criminalisation of Black people within Mental Health

services in Britain.

Lacking Capacity

A justice & legacy campaign working to abolish all police involvement with Mental Health services through policy change, archiving and art

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(Police, Policy, Psychiatry)

All project work we do is grown on a foundation of the four core pillars which fuel our growth:
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