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Black Mind on Mental Health

Nakuona (I See You) - a short film commissioned by Black Mind and created by Kiara Mohamed

Our 2022 World Mental Health day contribution welcomes this sensational Black Mind feature short by the uniquely talented - Kiara Mohamed! Kiara was commissioned to respond to one of our 4 core pillars - Mental Health. Nakuona, I See You is a psycho-spiritual exploration of Black trans identity, being seen, belonging and rediscovering safety as a complex trauma survivor.

This is the second delicious addition to our BadMind Digital series:

BadMind is a multimedia platform that includes a zine and online space which aims to support, connect and give platform to Black people who disrupt traditional approaches to healing through creativity.

It is a response to one of our four core pillars - Mental Health! This piece demonstrates how artistic expression around mental health can be both medicinal and a form of activism for Black people. Creativity as an indigenous pan-African healing modality is both essential to Black Mind’s practice and the practice of this artist so it is a joy to share this fantastic new piece with you.

This film and BadMind (Edition #1) were made in collaboration with Black Mind's former producer - Koko Brown.

Kiara Mohamed - Artist Bio

Liverpool based Kiara Mohamed Amin is a trans, Somali multidisciplinary artist based in Toxteth, Liverpool. His work focuses on what it means to live at the intersectional of marginalisation and still choose joy, healing and community as an act of radical living and dreaming. He uses different mediums to explore intergenerational trauma and looks to see where we are in eternity through astrology, somatic movements and divination. He is a birth and death doula, astrologer and tarot reader and spends most times communing with spirits in nature.

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