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Happy International Women's Day - Glamour visionary Shahira explores our 4th pillar - Joy!


Shahira speaks with a soft strength about how her blackness is a source of celebration. By harnessing the powerful creativity of the make up arts - she visually and vocally praises the evergreen nature of her existence and the beauty she sees in other creators. This International Women's Day, after a long period of listening, learning and growing, we are honoured to share this BadMind Digital commission which is a mystical expression of the abundance in the Black feminine imagination. Shahira was a joy to collaborate with, open to the challenge of experimentation and generous with sharing her vulnerability about how her work relates to her heritage, culture, wholeness and of course, her Black Mind. Black women and girls are painfully underrepresented in conversations about mental health, wellbeing, justice and joy. This is a stunning contribution to Black people in Britain that speaks openly and articulately about how our 4 core pillars can intersect in a cycle of regeneration. Finding creative wellbeing practises increases our resilience during times of distress, improves our mental health and therefore becomes a form a transformative justice through the joyful reclamation of our heart's desires - BOOM! Shahira - thank you for joining our community and so skillfully embodying what we represent - the liberating creativity of blackness to heal!

Shahira - @afroglory_

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