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Hear Myself Think Series 2

a Black Mind and Hear Myself Think collaboration

We are so pleased to announce our most recent partnership with the incredible Hear Myself Think. Hear Myself Think is an audio-theatre series inviting you to plug in your headphones and undertake a short, simple everyday activity in the company of different characters. Through this partnership, Black Mind is overjoyed to be platforming mental health inspired audio-theatre episodes across both series which have been created by Black artists.

Feeling overwhelmed? Why not pause, pick one of these activities and listen along as these new friends tidy, talk, sketch and walk alongside you. Give yourself a break ( you deserve it!) and hang out with these short, funny and thoughtful stories. Hear Myself Think offers gentle instruction, comfort and the restorative power of warm community online. Finding it hard to do anything? It’s okay! Developed with guidance from mental health advisors and support organisations like Black Mind, each short episode offers a structured activity as a bitesize opportunity for you to try actively engaging with your own wellbeing.

In November 2022, Black Mind hosted a grounding Wellbeing Workshop at the Hear Myself Think Listening Party at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green. “Let it GO!” is a breathing workshop that focuses on gathering community to reconnect to love, our breath and the importance of surrender!

Content Warning: Hear Myself Think is an audio drama series that contains characters talking about their experiences of anxiety, loneliness and depression.

Black Mind Founder and Creative Director, Ezenwanyi. Amarachi Rachel Nwokoro had a fantastic time directing Series 2, Episode 3: Make a stir fry with Bisi

Being able to create, play, cry, laugh and breath with Black Deaf and Disabled femme creatives is a real beautiful vision. To be paid to access and also give wellbeing support - I mean wow - this is what the arts industry resists and like it or not, it is exactly what is coming! A wave of fierce revolution in creative wellbeing and arts access that cares for us holistically - this job was a valuable and precious manifestation of that dream in reality! I love spaceholding and it was a gift to be able to lead the workshop to such a great room: we need connection and moments of emotional release now more than ever. It is important for me as a training healer to keep practising how to breathe with the community! Grateful vibes” - Ezenwanyi. Amarachi Rachel Nwokoro

“Do things on your terms. People may offer suggestions but remember they are suggestions. There is no pressure to follow what others have said or done.” - Bisi

It was amazing working with Ezenwanyi. We did breathing exercises at the beginning to calm any nerves and had a little discussion of what was to be expected which really helped in giving me insight as an actor to how they saw the vision. It really felt like an open & safe space. I could share my ideas and wouldn’t be shut down, my ideas could be explored and she would allow the exploration or come at a different angle. It was honestly so great and a beautiful start to my audio recording journey as a deaf actor. I never would’ve looked into being a voice actor if it wasn’t for the encouragement and belief from Ezenwanyi! Massive respect and appreciation xx” Omolabake Joloaso (Bisi)

Hear Myself Think Partners: Black Mind, Beats by Dre, Arts Council England, Rich Mix, The Arts Centre Hounslow, Quay Arts, Streatham Space Project

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